GLEE Style: From TV to Real Life

Updated on Feb 02, 2011

Comments (7)

Squarectomy on February 23
Great post! Love Grace.
crystaldots on February 22
Really great pics, Cris!!! I like this post a lot. Even though I don't like to watch GLEE much, this is a very inspirational and informative post! Favoirting : ).
maryiangge on February 21
love the article and how you mix everything they are wearing from the show to day to day stuff :)
HallieDaily on February 21
Oh,,,if you not mention that, all I pay attention for this show just music :D
yeskelly on February 21
I absolutely love every outfit Brittany wears, now that she's out of her cheerleading uniform. She looks so stylish every day!
JyaDi on February 21
wow alot of these involve cardigans
browneyes on February 21
I love Glee so much, listening to one of their songs right now ;)

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