Fashion Bloggers vs. The Industry

Updated on Mar 03, 2011

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RougeEtNoir on March 31
I think Franca and Joe are a bit wrong about their opinions and not because they have ages in the "industry" it means they can know more than the rest of people, and I'm not necessarily talking about bloggers. It's like if you said a designer HAS to study design because otherwise he or she doesn't know how to create something beautiful aesthetically. Fashion,like all the visual arts, is..
RougeEtNoir on March 31
something subjective and left to different appreciations. so, it really takes passion to have an opinion about fashion. Anna herself states that it was her father who chose her career path and look what she has done without "being an expert" since the beginning.
clairelynette on March 31
Considering that the fashion industry is part of the manufacturing industry and fashion shows and the like are simply marketing tools for companies I don't see the hurt when it comes to fashion bloggers wanting a look-see. Fashion should be democratic. To me the fun isn't in the fashion show (overhyped), the fun is in the design/manufacture process which very few ever see including fashion mags
stylereverie on March 17
I thought this was a great article. It shed light on a lot of different points. Both have their parts to play in fashion, and I think that it's all right if bloggers and the industry have a barrier between them. Bloggers bring unique, fresh perspectives on fashion, and it doesn't matter whether you're credible or not; everyone has an opinion and a right to give that opinion.
Dutchess89 on March 05
I loveeee the post. I thinks it's like youtube, with the celebrities discovered from there. if there is a free or inexpensive way to express yourself people who want it bad enough will have it. Personally I think the fashion industry will have to get over it! Blogging isnt going anywhere, so they can do like celebrities did endorse it or move aside. You have to understand that fashion moving
Dutchess89 on March 05
Forward and be cautioned not to be left behind. Also you wouldnt want to anger the consumer. Way I see it, you would only want to endorse someone who could sway the public opinion.
stylenomad on March 05
People have always had an opinion on fashion whether blogs, magazines or luxury houses exist or not. It just so happens that the Internet brought about a huge shift in accessibility of information and ability to voice it out for everyone to hear.
kat_sunshine27 on March 05
Fashion is fashion.. It varies from street style, to runways and everywhere else..Its not about following a trend its about making it your own and still look fabulous.. This is why i focus more on bloggers and street style, because its more than real people its an inspiration to create your own style.
kat_sunshine27 on March 05
I love the post by the way^_^
Annebeth on March 05
Most outfitbloggers are more like celebrities or itgirls than like fashion journalists in my opinion, unless they do in depth posts about runwayshows, trends or beauty products etc. I don't really see the competition, the entire fashion industry is just ever evolving, just like any other industry.
Annebeth on March 05
I'm more pro blogger and anti industry, after reading the entire editorial. I really love this one, by the way, very in depth and definitely adding something new to the discussion!
Annebeth on March 05
and that Tavi thing was ridiculous: she's tiny, and with the huge bow on her head she still didn't obscure the view as much as an adult sitting there would have.
Squarectomy on March 04
Great article. I think blogging is changing the fashion industry. These people are the trendsetters now. It's fantastic to know that even us 'little' people have such a sway. And ps... I am so excited to hear about that Chanel rumour! Love Grace.
JeanGreige on March 04
What an excellent post! Blogging is changing the fashion industry in much the same way that Napster changed the music industry, and it's very interesting to read analysis of the evolution.
roanjean on March 04
I'd like to agree with Suzy Menkes when she said this about the influence of fashion blogs: "“The world changed when fashion instead of being a monologue, became a conversation. And that’s never going to stop.”
tightsenthusiast on March 04
Love this article because the whole "Bloggers vs. Editors" topic continues to be such a huge debate! Please read what I wrote in the forums about this!
fashionophile on March 04
Great post! I think Tavi had mentioned in an interview that the Grazia thing was blown out of proportion. The fashion industry tries so hard to stay exclusive, whereas blogging makes fashion inclusive. I hope to see fashion blogging become respectable in the industry.

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