Best Indie Boutiques: The EIU Picks Edition!

Updated on Mar 21, 2011

Comments (5)

MyAlexasStore on March 23
Great article
JyaDi on March 23
I LOVE THRIFT STORES!! and i love sundresses even more!
irisanddaniel on March 23
FredFlare was a daily visit like a few years ago.. :D Love this article and everyone's picks, Naomayyy! Thanks for featuring us too. :)
purplewang on March 23
I totally forgot about FredFlare until I read this! That took me back, haha. Great seeing what other people are into!
crystaldots on March 23
yeah, I recently rediscovered FredFlare, and I thought that they were closed! <3
crystaldots on March 23
Awesome stores!!!!! <3
crystaldots on March 23
Thanks for including me on here. I like how you organized the post and included everyone's favorite stores ^^. : ).

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