The DIY Controversy

Updated on Jul 06, 2012

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Iammemo28 on August 23
I love this article! I just recently started my own personal fashion blog ( and because of the finances of a poor college student, of course I resort to DIY a lot. The thought of what the original designers would think has definitely crossed my mind! (: I agree that it is a touchy topic but at the same time, I believe doing the DIY is not just for our closets but for our skills!
puherock on August 06
estoy de acuerdo contigo cuando mencionas que hacer esto nos trae satisfacciòn porque es algo nuestro, algo que lo sentimos propio y si sòlo es para nosotros no tiene porque atacarse de copias total no se hace daño a las grandes industrias ya que ni los vendes o si lo haces no ganas una cantidad considerable. salu2. puherock ^^
JustineAlonzo on August 01
Radical1 on July 30
I think haute couture has somewhat gotten out of hand. I mean, you have designers charging unbelievable prices for their pieces. I'm all about supporting art and spending a bit extra but I don't want to have to mortgage my house. I think DIY is perfect as long as it's done on a personal level.
dylansdress on July 25
Great points. Seems the big DIY trend (not the knockoff trend that's been around for forever) is just one more display of the movement of fashion bloggers who are influencing others, not as supermodels or designers but as regular people.
Yorkie on July 19
You read my mind with, "What controversy?". I've never thought of DIY being harmful to anybody because (as you said), those who can afford the buy a lavish item, will. Those who can't, will create it. I love DIY and it makes me very happy because I can follow along with the fashion movements without destroying my bank account. Great article!
xpiixaaa on July 16
Yeah :/ when the DIY started to appear everywhere the problems like that started, i think the same as syl & sam said: " We just figure, we just have to stay a couple steps ahead in terms of creativity to come out on top." Is that or you business dies! But well, copying has been something that will always happens but stealing ideas for personal enrichment is not good. sorry about my english :)
fmajor on July 16
I never thought about DIY that way, great article
melimelon67 on July 15
Very insightful and thoughful article.
crystaldots on July 14
Great article, Heather. I never really thought that DIY would be synonymous with knockoffs until now, this article is a great way to let the fashion world feel more reflective of their productions. However, I've learned that everyone kind of copies everyone in a way because as humans, we like to see things over and over again haha. (Like how skinny jeans are still popular, etc.). GREAT JOB!!
BleakandWet on July 12
For me, DIY is a creative outlet. I NEED to make something or I would go crazy. And coming from a low-income family means the most I can afford is perhaps one new item every three months...and by new, I mean below $20, so DIY is also a way for me to create things I love and will wear without feeling guilty about using my parents' hard earned cash.
avatallulah on July 10
This article is really interesting. I'm 100% behind DIYing. I love it.
fifinyiri on July 10
I've started to DIY and I'm so into it these days!!
TheyCallMeAlex on July 09
i'm started to DIY with evertything.
patlaenz on July 08
I love DIY when its doable and would last at least a pair of uses,the other subject about imitation well we will never know from where the designer took the idea(sometimes its a copy too)
Charlotte_Clothier on July 07
aw i made a meadham kirchhoff inspired heart pinafore, emailed them about it and got a great response they were so flattered, it looked use like theres, although mine was just made for photos i dont think i could wear it out. most of my diy's are tempry and never last very long, they fall apart sadly, so the original will always be the BEST!! xx
DelightfulDecember on July 07
It's definitely not slave labor, just an item you can actually own by producing it with your own hands. Though, I wouldn't sell them. The whole purpose for DIY is that an individual should just apply a project to him/ herself.
irisanddaniel on July 06
Such a cool topic! When individually crafting, DIY designer "knockoffs" are pretty much harmless but selling them is a different story. It's a great point to bring up that the DIY-er is probably not the demographic of the designer customer though, because that's really the important distinction on what makes it more acceptable.
irisanddaniel on July 06
This is a really great video talking about fashion, copyright, and knockoffs in depth!
PrettyNerdy on July 06
A very interesting article, and something I have been wondering about myself.
purplewang on July 06
I've wondered about this before and was curious about what all the big DIY bloggers would have to say about this...but it's interesting to hear what Syl and Sam have to say about it seeing as they're both designers and DIY-ers. Putting a price tag on DIY projects will change DIY-ing to a business instead of a hobby. It all sounds a little touchy, but no matter what crafting should stay fun.
F4SHI0N on July 06
Love DIY!

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